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Facts about pesticides

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It is a real truth that pesticides, herbicides and all of the alike chemicals are harmful for not only humans but for the environment, birds and animals and it is the main reason the usually people want to buy organic food in Dubai. But the fact is that these organic foods are also not 100% pesticides free. But they better in a way that these farm owners use natural pesticides instead of chemical base pesticides which are very harmful for all the living beings even for the crops itself. Although few pesticides are found to be harmful but as compared to chemical they are still less dangerous and are worth consuming. There are many health risks associated with the use of pesticides. To get info about it you can look at this:

Some studies have shown that when people use pesticides based food over a period of time then the harmful chemicals present in them will gather in the body and cause many health defects. People often complain about headaches without any obvious reason and they do not know that these pesticides may the reason behind it. Also it will make your immune system weak with the passage of time and you will become vulnerable to many diseases.

There is another study which shows that these harmful chemical when consumed they will retain in your blood stream and become the reason of many different kinds of blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and blood stream cancer. It may also cause other types of cancers too which includes breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males. Although males can also be a victim of breast cancer but the chances are very rare.

As these pesticides will weaken the immune system they are more harmful for children. And infants which are already in their developmental stage and have lower immunity than adults. These pesticides may increase the risk of learning delays and several other physical and mental disorders. Another main victim will be the women who are bearing a child within themselves. As there are many hormonal changes are going through in them they are very vulnerable to become the victim of these chemicals. Not only women but fetuses are also in danger due to heavy chemicals. They often develop dysfunctional body parts and many genetic disorders like autism.

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