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October 1, 2022

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Dubai – UAE

Unknown Disadvantages of Drinking Coffee

2 min read

Coffee has been a drink which has been around for centuries and people drink like water. It has become an essential drink of the day for the 9 to 5 people. For lazy people and people who have a hard time in getting up consider it is a drink from heaven. It has a lot of health benefits and people who drink it regularly have less heart problems, they give minimum risk of getting diabetes and they stay active. But who knew that such a beneficial thing could have disadvantages? Of course, too much of anything can become a poison and this makes the first demerit of drinking coffee. If you are a regular coffee person, and you buy coffee from the same market the same brand every now and then. And one day, your favorite brand runs out and you buy another one without completely reading it, and you become a little sick every day. And ignoring it, one day you become sick a lot and the doctors say, it’s the coffee. Well, this can happen when you buy a bad quality coffee.

Drinking a lot of coffee in a short period of time can actually kill you. Well, the limit is that if you drink 80 to 100 cups in less than a week, which makes 24 liters of caffeine in your body. And such amount of caffeine in your body can lead you in vomiting and can cause acidic poison in your body. Not just coffee, even regular coke or water if drunk 23 liters of it can kill you. Coffee can cause restlessness and insomnia. Here the caffeine is guilty, people who drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day can lead to these problems sooner or later. And the cure of such things can be difficult because at the same time your body requires the need of caffeine as well.

If you are pregnant, you should drink coffee at any period of pregnancy. Because caffeine will also affect the baby and babies at this stage are very sensitive towards caffeine. But if you get the pure coffee beans the risks of these problems reduce. People from all around the world recommend to get the best coffee beans in Dubai and they have the latest coffee machines in UAE.