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May 21, 2024

History of Canvas

2 min read

If you are an artist, you will be known for your art work on canvas, even though there are many kinds of artist but people still say that an artist has to have a canvas with a painting on it. And the street artists always have a small display of their work on canvas. There is something about the canvas that brings out the liveliness in the painting, even though, the painters and artists have worked a lot but canvas adds a plus point to it. But did you know that canvas had a very long history of it as well.

Canvas was not always called canvas. Canvas is a word derived from Latin language and it in the 16th century it was called cannabis. No people didn’t smoke it neither can you but it was something that people called, they called it this way in the era of Italian Renaissance. Canvas also helped people cross borders, and you must have read the line twice but you read it right. Canvas were used in sales, people also used to paint their logos and sayings on the canvas and use them as sails and they used to cross watery borders with it.

Venetians also used canvas to write long paragraphs in shorter format. In simpler words, ink back then used to spread and people used to write on hundreds of papers which was not very much liked back then. They used canvas to write a lot in a small format. In this way, the kings and queens actually read the single document, otherwise, a heap of papers would have the kings and queen baffled and they didn’t read it well. Because of this, villages and tribes also fought many wars. And all the things were half settled when people read less. And this problem of laziness has been with people since the beginning of the time.

People also used canvas to make the cheese, they used to get the curd in big molds added the ingredients and left them in the canvas. After some hours, when they would check, all the water had gone through the wholes and the canvas would be just left with cheese. And in the 17th century people found out that canvas could be used to painting as well which used till today. You can get any kind of canvas photo printing in Dubai and they may also give you photo book in Dubai as well.